• Shipping from USA to Freetown, Sierra Leone takes a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the container has been loaded and picked up by the shipping company; however, delays can occur due to unforeseen events but all customers will be notified via text messages or phone calls should there be any delays. The company will inform customers of the exact date of container loading and sailing so they can decide when the goods can be picked up. We can pick up your goods earlier or on the very week we are loading the container. This container (RSSC14) will be loaded on 02/14/2016 and depart for Baltimore Port on 02/16//2016. It will sail from Baltimore Port at Approximately 02/24/2016 and arrive at the Freetown Port on 03/24/2016 Customer’s Initials

  • ROYALSERRY SHIPPING LLC. Is NOT responsible for clearing of any vehicle at the Freetown Port; therefore, customers are expected to make all necessary arrangements for clearing their vehicles. Full payment for vehicles is expected upon arrival of the cargo at the Freetown Port. Custom documents to clear the vehicles will not be released until full payment is received, however, if payment is not receive within two (2) days upon arrival of the vessel in Freetown, RoyalSerry Shipping LLC will pay the custom fees to clear the vehicle. The customer is expected to make full payment of all expenses incurred plus 10% interest (Custom fees, Transportation, and Storage Fees). Vehicle(s) will be liquidated if full payment is not received 7 days after the vehicle has been cleared from the Freetown port.

  • A 20% deposit of the shipping cost must be made during pickup or prior to the container sailing date (02/24/2016) and a complete payment is expected within 7 days of goods/cargo arriving in Freetown. RoyalSerry Shipping LLC will ensure that customers are notified at least a week in advance of the arrival of their goods in Freetown. A storage fee of $1 per item/day will be added to the balance due after the 7 days grace period. Goods will be kept for only 30 days then liquidated if full payment is not received. A 15% annual interest rate will be applied to the unpaid shipping cost if the company is unable to liquidate the goods. Customers who have outstanding balance on any old invoices must complete all payments, including late fees before payments for any new invoice will be allowed. Customers who wish to store their goods at our warehouse in Freetown can arrange with the company after full payment of the shipping cost has been made.

  • A full refund will be issued for all damaged or missing cargo only if all the items are declared on the invoice with valid receipts during pickup. Customers must submit a request for full refund within 30 days of the vessel arrival in Freetown. The request must include an accurate inventory of all items with valid receipts. Receiving customers must inspect and verify the integrity of the cargo (barrels, boxes etc.) with the sender before accepting and signing our release forms. RoyalSerry Shipping LLC will investigate all incidents and issue a refund within 90 days of receiving the request; the company will not be responsible for any damaged or missing cargo reported after the cargo release form has been signed and goods have delivered in Freetown.

  • Goods will not be delivered in Freetown until full payment of the shipping cost is received. We accept the following method of payment; Credit Cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express; Debit Cards, Cash and personal checks. Customers will be charged a $35 fee for returned checks. RoyalSerry Shipping LLC will not be held liable for any damages or missing cargo after the 30 days grace period. Customers who make late payment (30 days after the cargo arrived in Freetown) will not be eligible for any refund should there be any damages or missing cargo and they have to make necessary arrangements to pick up their goods from our warehouse in Freetown.

  • The Sierra Leonean Government has adopted a NO SEIZURE policy on personal items, money and property. Customers who wish to make installment payments must completely waive their rights in regards to this policy by allowing the company to withhold their goods/vehicle(s). I ___________________________________________________ have authorized RoyalSerry Shipping LLC in Freetown, Sierra Leone to withhold all my goods or vehicle(s) until complete payment of the shipping cost including late fees if there are any is made. Signature: _________________________________________Date: ___________________

  • Customers must present the original copies of the vehicle title (without alteration) before we can accept vehicles for shipment. Customers can opt out of paying charges for items placed in vehicles; however, they will be responsible for the security and paying custom fees at the Freetown Port for those items. Items loaded into vehicles may be repacked to prevent internal damage to the vehicle. The vehicle must have a fully charged battery or additional charge of $50 per vehicle will be added to your invoice for each jump-start performs.

  • Recipients in Freetown will be contacted 3 days prior to clearing the container from customs and after the custom process is completed to arrange delivery. Appointments will be scheduled for delivery during the second phone call. Recipients in Freetown must present a proper form of identification and complete the cargo release form before goods can be released. Please encourage your relatives/recipients to thoroughly inspect all cargo before signing the cargo release form. If there are any concerns or issues related to the integrity of the cargo, your relatives/recipients should not accept the cargo and our staff must return the cargo to our warehouse. Our staff will write an incident report and an investigation will be initiated.
    Free delivery within Freetown and Waterloo is offered only for customers who have made complete payment prior to the arrival of the cargo in Freetown. There will be no exception to this rule, delivery of goods must be arranged and agreed on here in the United States. We will absolutely make no changes once the cargo arrives in Freetown. Our delivery vehicles are not allowed to go into bad roads, unpaved roads or corners, in such situation, our staff will use a hand trucks to deliver the goods. We only make one attempt to deliver goods; if the customer is uncooperative or the address is inaccurate and the sender is unreachable, the goods will be returned to our warehouse for the customer to pick up at their own expense. Shipping cost does not including delivery in Freetown, the company is offering FREE delivery as a gesture to customers who pay their shipping bill prior to the arrival of the cargo in Freetown. There is a fee of 20% of the overall shipping cost for any cancellation after goods have been picked up and the customer is responsible to retrieve their goods from our warehouse at our Laurel, Maryland location.

  • I have decided to opt out of the free delivery offered by the company; I am responsible to make all necessary arrangement to pick up the goods from the company’s warehouse at #31 Paton Street Freetown, Sierra Leone.
    Customer’s Initials ______________________________

  • Signing this document indicates that you have read and understood these terms and willingly agree to enter into a binding contract with ROYALSERRY SHIPPING, LLC AND ROYALSERRY LTD.

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